Family Vacation in Southern Latin America’s Country

The Natural Beauty of Calafquén.

Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Calafquén, forming part of the Panguipulli commune. Calafquén is by far one of the most beautiful places of the “Los Ríos” Region. 

Calafquén Lake (Mapudungun ¨natives Mapuche’s language¨: Lake like a sea) is a lake of Chile, which straddles the border between the La Araucanía Region and Los Ríos Region. It is one of the Seven Lakes and forms part of the drainage basin of the Valdivia River.

We have a tradition at Our Posada Puerto Calafquén, every person who comes can raise their own flag! Bring your own or let us know in advance, perhaps we have your flag already!


Modern Southern Infrastructure

Calafquén has some of the most renowned and beautiful views of Villarrica Volcano and Calafquén Lake in the South of Chile. RIHT is located in this amazing southern atmosphere in Puerto Calafquén. You’ll be treated like part of our family and have a wonderful experience living with the Chilean culture.





A Place Full of History

Saying that Calafquén is just beautiful would not do it justice. The views, sounds, and smells of RIHT offer all our guests an incredible opportunity to take advantage of knowing what it feels like to be in a Southern Chilean Vacation. The twin-towered church in Panguipulli was built in 1947 by Capuchin monks. it is a 10 minutes drive from Calafquén.