Family Vacation in Southern Latin America’s Country

The Adventure Tourism City of Pucón.

Pucón (Mapudungun ¨natives Mapuche language¨: Entrance to the Cordillera) is a Chilean city and commune administered by the municipality of Pucón. It is located in the Province of Cautín, Araucanía Region, 100 km to the southeast of Temuco and 780 km to the south of Santiago. It is on the eastern shore of Lake Villarrica, and Villarrica volcano is located roughly 17 km to the south.



Villarrica Volcano

The 2,840 meter high Villarrica Volcano is part of the Ring of Fire that lies around the basin of the Pacific Ocean. It is an active volcano with more than 82 eruptions since 1558; the most recent of which occurred on March 3, 2015. Despite this, it is possible to climb it throughout the year, if weather and volcanic activity permit. During winter, the summit is completely covered by snow and offers views of at least seven of the surrounding lakes.




A Place Full of Sport

Some of the main lakes near Pucón are Villarrica, Caburgua, and Tinquilco, with opportunities to practice watersports or to simply relax on their beaches.