Here are just a few clinics that we partner with. All clinics have been rigorously checked by our team and are accredited by the proper medical associations.

Clínca Lavanchy – Santiago, Chile

Lavanchy Clinic is dedicated to maintaining, recuperating and improving not just oral health, but overall well being. Lavanchy is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental services for amazingly affordable prices. We have over 40 years of Interna Medicine experience, and guarantee a level of service unseen in other Latin American dental facilities.


Swiss Medical Center – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Swiss Medical Center is the biggest and most important private clinic network in Argentina. With clinics in in various parts of the city, Swiss Medical is known for it’s attention to detail as well as providing a level of care that is unseen in other parts of Latin America.


Monte Blanco – Santiago, Chile

The Monte Blanco clinic in Santiago, Chile is the clinic of choice for Latin America’s biggest celebrities. Located in the picturesque mountains on the outskirts of Santiago, Monte Blanco is the perfect spot to relax, recuperate, and experience some of the wonders of Chile. All surgeons are top-notch, and the attention is impeccable.