What qualifications do the doctors have?
All our medical doctors are certified and experienced in their areas of specialty. Most are also U.S. and International board certified.

What happens if the trip must be postponed?
We recommend patients to purchase a cancellation insurance plan to cover airline tickets. Cancellation of accommodation may result in the loss of accommodation deposit. A deposit of 25% of the total paid in advance once the surgery is accepted by both client and surgeon. This deposit is non-refundable, but transferable to another date within one year of original surgery date.

What does the procedure price include?
The procedure price includes bilingual personal assistant, use of pre-paid cellular phone, and pre-surgical testing in Buenos Aires. It also includes the surgeon’s and anaesthesiologist’s fees, operating room, pre/post surgical consultations, transportation to/from surgery and airport pickup/dropoff car service.

Does this price include accommodation or airfare?
Due to individual requirements, extra services, airfare and accommodations are separate and are not included in medical quotations.

How do I pay?
Payment methods include personal (U.S.) or certified check, money order, all major credit cards and PayPal (5% convenience fee applied to credit card and PayPal transactions).
We offer medical tourism financing for US and Canadian citizens.

We are pleased to offer financial assistance for your plastic and cosmetic procedures in Buenos Aires.

Which tests are necessary before surgery?
Depending on the procedure, a doctor will perform blood tests, urinalysis as well as electrocardiogram (EKG) to assess your surgical readiness and to monitor pre-existing medical conditions.

Are the pre-operative tests included in the price?
If pre-operative testing is performed in Buenos Aires, it will be included in the price.

Can I have the pre-operative tests performed in my home country or should they be performed in Buenos Aires?
You have the option to have your pre-operative tests performed in your home country at your expense. Your official documents will need to be sent prior to your departure. This may speed up the process and you will be able to schedule your procedure sooner. Depending on your surgery, the doctor may require that some pre-operative tests be performed in Buenos Aires.

What if the surgeon decides that I am not eligible for surgery?
Patients are pre-screened for any surgery. Upon arrival the medical personnel reassesses the patient and the necessary pre-operative tests are performed. If the results confirm a condition that renders the patient ineligible for surgery, a refund will be approved less the pre-operative exams costs.

Where do surgeries take place?
All our surgeries and procedures take place in state of the art, accredited private medical facilities, hospitals and outpatient surgical centers.

Would there be an emergency room in case of complications?
Though rare, complications can occur which is why all our major surgeries are performed in fully equipped hospitals with access to emergency staff and medical support.

What happens if something goes wrong immediately after the surgery?
Uncharacteristically, complications may take place. In such cases, immediate reassessment by the medical staff determines the level of the problem and following treatments. This may include additional medications being prescribed. If it is determined that complications were due to medical oversight, additional treatment costs will be covered by the accountable surgeon.

What happens is something goes wrong when I am back in my home country?
Before a patient is discharged and given medical approval to travel back to a home country, the attending surgeon will have discussed and advised on all possible post-operative complications. Contingencies for any late developing medical problems will have been thoroughly explained to the patient. Should the patient wish to contact their surgeon at any time, we will happy to make the necessary arrangements.