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All About Vaginoplasty and Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery in Argentina

As part of a plastic surgery tour, foreign women may partake of a vaginal rejuvenation in Argentina. The process may include one or multiple aspects of dealing with the vagina surgically. Some women may choose to have their labia majora (the outer lips) expanded. Some may choose to have the labia majora reduced. Others may choose a vaginal tightening in Argentina. Others might even consider a hymenoplasty to restore their “virginity”. There are many ways to treat a vagina surgically, but many women ask if it is even necessary to alter their vaginas. Most partners might not even mind either way.

When considering engaging in vaginal rejuvenation in Argentina, you should probably consider if your partner has a problem with the way it looks or feels. Then again, someone else’s opinion on the subject might not have any bearing at all. Most women ascribe to the “Your body, your rules” school of thought. This is an uplifting thought if there ever was one. Women are often made to think a part of them is not good enough for someone else. The only person your body needs to be good enough for you.

Now, if you do not feel your body is good enough for you, then you may want to consider getting vaginal rejuvenation in Argentina. The prices for surgery are far less than in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. The Argentine Peso is far reduced in value comparatively to the US Dollar, the Canadian Dollar, the Euro or the UK Pound Sterling. This reduction in value is combined with the increase in quality of surgery. Argentine surgeons do plastic surgery thousands of times throughout the year. The work they do is top [...]

Why Go To Argentina For Plastic Surgery?

You might be hesitant about going to a country you’ve never been to nor know nothing about for a complex medical procedure.

Trust me — your fears are completely unfounded.

Argentina has the best plastic surgeons in Latin America. They are educated at one of the top 5 universities in Latin America, the University of Buenos Aires. Many of them also go on to study at the best medical schools in North America and Europe.

They’re also extremely experienced. The growing demand for plastic surgery has put these experts to work. Many cosmetic surgeons in Argentina have performed hundreds, if not thousands of successful operations. There is a reason why Buenos Aires is known for having some of the best looking men and women in the world. (Secret: it may not be natural beauty…but it sure looks like it! No one could ever tell the difference.)

Not only are the plastic surgeons in Argentina absolutely amazing, the cost of the surgery and post care is very cheap. The cost of plastic surgery in Argentina is often 10x lower than the cost of the same surgery in the United States or Western Europe. This, combined with the amazing quality of the doctors, leads to Argentina being the perfect destination for health tourists.

Oh, and did I mention that the city of Buenos Aires is absolutely gorgeous? The “porteños”, or inhabitants of Buenos Aires, are the friendliest people in Latin America. They’ll be very curious to hear your story (should you wish to tell it) and might even invite you into their homes for a Sunday Argentine BBQ, or “asado”.

Now that you know all this…what is stopping you from coming to Argentina?

Write us and let us know.

3 Tips For Finding the Perfect Plastic Surgeon in Argentina

There are a few ways that you can find the perfect plastic surgeon in Buenos Aires or any other part of Argentina.

Here are three of them:

1. Get a recommendation from a friend or trusted association.

Think: do you have any friends that have gotten breast implants in Buenos Aires? This is becoming more and more common as the plastic surgery prices in Argentina are constantly going down. It’s quite likely that you already know someone that has gotten a cosmetic procedure done in Buenos Aires, Mendoza or any other part of Argentina.

If you can’t find a trusted friend, then we’d recommend you asking a trusted medical group or some medical advisor that you have at your disposal. There are many associations (feel free to ask us!) that can recommend the perfect cosmetic surgeon for your upcoming procedure.

2. Search on Google.

If you search for something like “good plastic surgeons in Argentina” or any similar search, you’re likely to find many different pages of plastic surgeons in Argentina that could be of use to you. However, many of these are just hospitals trying to sell their services at any cost, meaning the quality of the surgery could be very low.

Tread with caution if you decide to use this method!

3. Search our cosmetic surgeon database.

We have one of the most complete databases of plastic surgeons in Argentina. You can browse the list, checking out the information of each one until you find the one that you think suits your needs. THEN, you can send our plastic surgery advisors an email and we will advise you.

Need any more help? Ask us!

Tighten Things Up Down There — Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery in Argentina

What is Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery?

Laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery (also called “vaginal tightening” or “vaginoplasty”) aims to strengthen the function of the vulvo-vaginal area, firming, tightening, and reshaping the vaginal tissue to give it a more useful appearance and feel. What does that mean in English? That means that your labia and vaginal will become firmer and tighter, increasing sexual gratification for both you and your partner.

Do you pee while laughing, sneezing, coughing or excercising? Laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery can alleviate symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. All of this will be fixed, with the added bonus of having a much better sex life.

Sounds fun, right? “Must be risky!”

The risks to this surgery are often minimal, especially if you do your research into finding the best vaginal surgeon in Argentina to do the job for you. Vaginal rejuvenation increases strength, control, and muscle tone, giving you back the vaginal strength you had when you were 18. It’s a simple procedure that carries the same level of risk of any surgery: minimal.

The three most common questions about laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery:

1. How long do you need to wait after a vaginoplasty to have sex?

You will be able to have sex approximately 2 months after having the procedure. (sorry!)

2. Can I have vaginal rejuvenation surgery RIGHT after having a baby?

No. Many of the vaginal surgeons in Argentina recommend that you wait at least a year after giving child birth.

3. Is laser vaginal rejuvenation right for me?

It’s right for you if you’re looking to achieve one or more of the following goals:

You want to improve the appearance of your genitalia.
You want to increase your self-esteem.
You want to kickstart your love-life.
You suffer from [...]

Comparison of Plastic Surgery Prices Globally

There’s an interesting study at comparing the prices of plastic surgery in different countries. Here’s a key chart:

Potential savings by traveling to various countries are as follows:

Brazil: 25-40%
Costa Rica: 40-65%
India: 65-90%
Malaysia: 65-80%
Mexico: 40-65%
Singapore: 30-45%
Thailand: 50-70%
Turkey: 50-65%

What’s missing from this list? Argentina! Argentina is consistently 25-35% of the cost of the equivalent plastic surgery in the USA — plus it’s a much nice place to visit than India, Malaysia, and most of the places on the list!

We’re excited that Argentina is the undiscovered secret in the plastic surgery tourism world :)

Team Plastic Surgery Argentina