Our Little History

On the southern shore of Lake Calafquén is Puerto Calafquén.

Puerto Calafquén was born approximately in the 1930s and was owned by state railroads. Many of the lakes in the area were used to transport by boat trees that were used to make sleepers for railroad tracks. And only two families who worked for railways lived in that area.

Alfredo Calleja Guzman (Grandfather of Cristian Calleja Videla, the current owner of RIHT), was a doctor and worked for state railroads. Alfredo traveled a lot along Chile by train and together with his son Sergio Calleja Herrera, they visited this place in 1935. Don Sergio was amazed by the landscape and beautiful natural beauty of this place and that year he made a promise to himself and said that one day he would live there. Years later, around 1965, Sergio bought a piece of land in Calafquén when there were still only two houses in this area.

Between the year 1975 and 1980, the current house was built and since Sergio had 6 children he created the house with multiple rooms so that the whole family could arrive and all the brothers had their space during the summer or winter.

This house was built with people from the area, there were 4 teachers and Sergio who made all the construction.

Sergio Calleja traveled to many countries of the world and did not find a place more beautiful and majestic than this one. His dream was to create a family inn in this house so that anyone in the world could come, know, share and feel as a family to enjoy the place that he considered the most wonderful in the world. He lived in the house for many years, but he died before he could see his dream come true. After his death, Luz Videla Aguirre, Sergio’s wife, kept the house and it was available for the family, however, due to her advanced age, she returned to the city of Santiago to be closer to her family. Luz past away on Christmas day in 2017 surrounded by her entire family.

The current owner, Cristián Calleja Herrera, fifth son of Sergio y Luz, is making his dream come true.

A message from Cristián Calleja:

“Now the house belongs to my family and we want you to come and enjoy this place that has landscapes that will leave you speechless. With an amazing view of the Villarrica volcano, the majestic Calafquén lake, and its islands. We can navigate the lake and make unforgettable walks. We are very close to thermal baths, lakes, fishing areas and many attractions for entertaining trips to nearby areas. We are strategically located in the center of many outdoor activities. Come to know this place, which will never be forgotten like my father and mother. An affectionate hug. Cristián Calleja Videla¨