Our Posada Located at Puerto Calafquén, Región de Los Rios, Chile

We are strategically and centrally located in the area, so you have minimal distance to all the main attractions at Región de Los Rios.

Chile has several adventures to offer: the driest desert in the world, millenary glaciers in the southernmost areas of the planet, magical forests and lakes located at the foot of towering volcanoes. Islands full of legends, wine tradition and great challenges to climb.

But there is something that had not been said. The Open Nature of the landscapes of Chile, you can also find it in people. In this vast territory of wide horizons, the sensation of being alive floods you. You can connect with nature or explore pristine lands. And at the same time, your people and all your culture will pleasantly surprise you with your kindness and hospitality. A completely new experience, in a place, to feel at peace.