Family Vacation in Southern Latin America’s Country

The Culinary Secrets of Panguipulli Lake and City.

Panguipulli (Mapudungun ¨natives Mapuche language¨: the hill of the puma; English pronunciation: PANG-gee-POO-yee) is a city and commune in Valdivia Province, southern Chile, administered by the Municipality of Panguipulli. The town is known for its natural environment, new high-quality local restaurants and is called “the City of Roses” (Spanish: La Ciudad de las Rosas). Panguipulli is located on the western edge of Panguipulli Lake, and is on a moraine in the Chilean Central Valley. Most of the commune lies on Andean mountains and valleys.


Commune with Nature

Most of the tourists that visit the Panguipulli area are drawn by a desire to commune with nature. The municipality uses the nearby Seven Lakes prominently in its tourist promotions.





Natural Attractions

Some nearby tourist attractions include; the hot springs at Liquiñe, the Mocho-Choshuenco volcano, and the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, which features year-round skiing. Rafting and wild boar hunting are also popular activities in the region.