About Our Prices

The RIHT service fee is based on the cost and the location of the medical procedure you look for. To ensure your full commitment to finding the best possible medical doctor for you abroad, RIHT requires the payment of a fully refundable deposit of $99 (USD). This deposit is due when contracting RIHT services, usually after the 1st interview with our recruiter.

RIHT will contact you with at least 3 options you decide from our website. Once you have decided your desired doctor or clinic AND you decided to accept the offered medical proposal from that medical company, the balance of the RIHT service fee (total minus deposit) will be due. You will have to complete payment at least 4 weeks before the arrival in the destination city.

A full refund of the deposit fee (100%) will be issued in the following situations:

  • The hospitals we contact you with decide not to make the procedure for you
  • You choose to refuse the treatment offered by the medical company and inform RIHT within 24h of the declined company’s decision
  • You choose to discontinue RIHT services.

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