You’ll Save Tons.

The cost of medical procedures in Chile and Argentina is often 60% less than the price of the exact same procedure in the United States or Western Europe. You’ll get quality medical treatment without having to go bankrupt.

You’ll Have Higher Quality of Care and Attention

Medical culture differences between Latin America and the United States are huge. US surgeons are often overworked, turning the entire patient-doctor experience into revolving door. This means that you receive less personal attention from doctors and nurses, making the surgery and recovery experience that much more difficult. Latin America doctors enjoy building personal relationships that with patients that extend beyond the institutional, and become more of a friend than just a doctor.

You’ll Recover Like Royalty — No Expense Spared.

The RIHT is different from other companies in that we give you the best experience possible. There are no 3 star hotels or experiences — only the best of the best. Our staff makes sure that no expense is spared in making your recovery process as comfortable as process.

We’ll Take Care of Everything.

Going through surgery in another country can be a daunting experience. We know the best doctors, the best hospitals, and have a 24/7 English speaking staff on call. We take care of all transportation to and from the hospital, and will make sure that you have the most enjoyable stay possible.